About Us

We are building and indoor air quality consultants. We identify the presence of indoor contaminants and their possible sources. See Services. We perform:

• Mold inspections
• Mold testing
• Odor testing

We are unique because we analyze our own dust samples by microscopy. Most labs only look for mold spores in dust. We report on mold spores as well as many other possible allergens, including:

• Insect fecal matter
• Pet dander
• Pollen
• Yeast

We also investigate:

• Leak problems
• Moisture problems
• Gas leaks
• Combustion spillage

Most reports contain boilerplate language. Our reports are individually composed, include photographs and photomicrographs, and combine observations with advice for prevention and remediation.

Our services include:

• Site visits
• Phone consultations
• Maintenance tips to minimize indoor allergens
• Renovation and construction advice
• Report review
• Expert witness work

We work for our clients and do not have any financial arrangements with any remediation companies or other service providers.

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