Case Studies

The Offending Fish Tank
A retired professional was wheezing and sniffling so badly at home that he could no longer enjoy his retirement.

Allergies in the Home
Zelda was having allergic reactions in the house which she had lived in since the mid-1980s; she had no pets, but the previous owners had pets, and some of their carpeting was still in place on the second floor.

Asthma in the Office
Bob was working in an office that was part of a larger warehouse/manufacturing facility. He was allergic to mold, and he, along with several other employees, experienced asthma symptoms at work; during humid weather he noted a musty odor…

The Sick School
John had been a teacher in the same classroom for four years. He loved teaching but this was to be his last day, because he felt that he had become allergic to his classroom.

The Stuffy Conference Room
Workers complained that a conference room inside a 4,000 square foot office space was stuffy.

The Warped Floor in the Homeless Shelter
A homeless shelter located in a church basement had a linoleum floor laid over plywood. In humid weather, one corner of the floor bulged, and in other areas, “bumps” appeared in the linoleum. Yet there had never been any flooding or leakage in that area.