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Articles mentioning Jeffrey C. May’s work include:

  • New York Times – “Blanket of Mold Threatens Health and Homes”
  • Chicago Tribune – “What Will Mold Cost Us?”
  • Sports Illustrated – “Got Mold?”
  • Boston Business Journal – “Mold abatement industry is burgeoning in Bay State”
  • Environmental Health News – “Mold in Buildings: What It Is and How to Keep it Out”
  • National Women’s Health Report – “Indoor Allergens and Women’s Health”
  • Indoor Environment Connections – “Help is on the Way for Asthma, Allergies”
  • ASHI Reporter – “Getting Down and Dirty with Mold Expert Jeffrey C. May”
  • Air Conditioning/Heating/Refrigeration News – “Mold and HVAC Systems”

Radio programs during which Jeffrey C. May was interviewed include:

  • Beyond Health
  • Bottom Line Health
  • The David Brudnoy Show
  • Environmental Network News
  • Healthy Home Show
  • Health Talk
  • Healthy Talk Radio
  • Home Improvement USA
  • Law Talk
  • The Money Pit Home Improvement Show
  • National Public Radio
  • The Parent Report
  • Real Estate Focus
  • Something You Should Know About
  • Talk Radio
  • The Wide World of Health

Television programs during which Jeff May was interviewed include:

  • CBS News with Dan Rather
  • Channel 5, Boston
  • Channel 7, Boston
  • CNN News
  • Discovery Health
  • Fox 25 News
  • Inside Edition
  • The Jane Pauley Show

Jeff on Discovery Health